A sustainable share network

From the Veluwe, for the Veluwe

Our bikes

The Veluwe Share Bike offers high-quality electric bicycles, made in our own province of Gelderland. The bikes are recognisable by our distinctive panniers. Unlike most other share bikes, our share bikes are suitable for longer trips. They are suitable for young and old and can cross the entire Veluwe with ease on 1 battery.
De Veluwe Deelfiets e-bikes

Smart locks

The Veluwe Share Bike feature smart locks from the Axa-brand. These locks work with Bluetooth. They can be opened and closed via the app. It is also possible to lock them in between rides without shutting down the ride. Handy when you want to grab a terrace, for example.

Veluwedeelfiets smartlock

The Veluwe Share Bike app

scan-en-huur-je-e-bike (2)

Taking and returning the bikes is easily arranged via our app. It is free to download and use. You enter your (payment) details and then everything happens automatically. Payment runs also through the app, via IDEAL or direct debit. Of course, you only pay after you have completed the ride via the app. In the app, you will also find all details about our rental locations, available bikes, our contact information and answers to frequently asked questions. In the near future, you will also find suggestions for great cycling routes in the app.

Charging tiles

Veluwe Share Bike wants to make it as easy as possible for its users. That is why we are currently running a pilot with the innovative charging tiles from the Dutch company Tiler. Charging the battery is done via the bike’s stand. This needs to be placed on the yellow charging symbol of the charging tile. Say goodbye to adapters and charging cables!

Veluwe Deelfiets laadtegel voor e-bike

Back to many netwerk

Our network consists of 10 locations and is growing! It is possible to rent the share bike at one of our locations and return it at another location. In this way, we want to make it more attractive to visit and experience the Veluwe by public transport. Our team is working hard with municipalities and entrepreneurs to make it grow exponentially in the coming years.